Transformers: The Last Knight

    The Transformers franchise has become the whipping boy of modern film critics. We, the apparent curators of film, have railed against what we see as a decline in cinematic quality and lowest common denominator filmmaking. However, people keep seeing them and they keep getting made, claiming that critics are out of touch with... Continue Reading →


  Winston Churchill is arguably more myth than man now, with his memorable speeches and iconic look he is inexorably part of British culture and history. As such he has appeared in countless TV shows and movies, he even became a talking Bulldog mascot for an insurance company. Most recently we have seen the likes... Continue Reading →

Miss Sloane

So politics am I right? Seriously though, the modern political world is some strange parody of itself. Thank god for movies, where you can go and escape to strange and fantastic worlds, filled with strange alien creatures, colourful characters or maybe a cut throat lobbyist system surrounding American gun control. Wait a minute that doesn't... Continue Reading →

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