The Florida Project Film Review

Set in motels around Disneyworld Florida, Moonee and her friends engage in unsupervised mischief over the summer vacation. This is the latest film from Sean Baker, the writer/director of 2015's Tangerine. While his previous feature was shot exclusively on an iPhone, The Florida Project is shot on 35mm film. The name of the movie comes... Continue Reading →

Wonder Film Review

Wonder centres on August "Auggie" Pullman, a ten-year-old boy who was born with a severe genetic disease that left him with a facial deformity. He is starting at middle school after being homeschooled and of course, he faces hardships as his classmates ostracise him for his looks. I have not read the original book by... Continue Reading →

Daddy’s Home 2 Film Review

After the events of the first Daddy’s Home, Dusty and Brad seemed to have settled into a nice routine as, to use their term, Co-Dads of children, Adrianna and Dylan. However, it is the Christmas Holiday and somehow Dusty and Brad invited their own fathers to the celebration; Que hijinks that bring this family closer... Continue Reading →

Justice League Film Review

Marvel dominates the box office these days. Even the smaller films starring spandex heroes from the house of M (for Marvel or for mouse, as Disney now owns Marvel: see it’s funny because it could mean both) are loved by audiences, tolerated by critics and make enough money to fund the economy of a small... Continue Reading →

Paddington 2 Film Review

Bears seem to be a big part of children's literature. You have characters like Winne the Pooh, Rupert the Bear and the subject of this review, Paddington. He has been in 150 books, but he has become more than a book character; he is a tourist attraction. There is a statue of him at his... Continue Reading →

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