The Florida Project Film Review

Set in motels around Disneyworld Florida, Moonee and her friends engage in unsupervised mischief over the summer vacation. This is the latest film from Sean Baker, the writer/director of 2015's Tangerine. While his previous feature was shot exclusively on an iPhone, The Florida Project is shot on 35mm film. The name of the movie comes... Continue Reading →

Murder on the Orient Express Film Reivew

Agatha Christie is one of the most influential, prolific and famous crime authors of the 20th Century. Her tightly woven narratives have enthralled wanna-be detectives for almost 100 years. However, what draws readers to her books more than her intricate stories are her instantly recognisable and world-renowned characters. Incarnations of Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot... Continue Reading →

The Great Wall

The Chinese are coming. Well, actually, they are already here, and they have been coming for a while. I am not talking politically because that is a different, more complicated job for a blogger, rather I am talking about the Chinese influence over Hollywood. We have seen it in the way that Hollywood markets films... Continue Reading →

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