Miss Sloane: Somer Valley FM

Recorded at Somer Valley FM listen live on 97.5 FM or on their website http://www.somervalleyfm.co.uk where you can listen to me review movies every day either at 15:40 or 16:40 (give or take a few minutes) You can watch Miss Sloane in Cinemas now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v85YqSFzqSI

Miss Sloane

So politics am I right? Seriously though, the modern political world is some strange parody of itself. Thank god for movies, where you can go and escape to strange and fantastic worlds, filled with strange alien creatures, colourful characters or maybe a cut throat lobbyist system surrounding American gun control. Wait a minute that doesn't... Continue Reading →

Macbeth (2015)

Adaptation can be hard. For the people making the adaptation it means transposing something from one medium and fitting it into another, and with each medium something is either added or subtracted. Theatre, especially Shakespeare, has been a go to source for a number of film adaptations. Shakespeare’s, language, themes and stories have echoed down... Continue Reading →

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