The Snowman Film Review

Everyone likes a good detective story. It's full of suspense, interesting complex characters, mystery and grizzly murder to sweeten the detail. No other area of the globe crafts more gritty and disturbing crime dramas than that of the Scandinavians. Whether it is because of the long winter nights or the vast expanses of snow-covered tundra,... Continue Reading →

Life for Somer Valley FM

Recorded at Somer Valley FM listen live on 97.5 FM or on their website where you can listen to me review movies every day either at 15:40 or 16:40 (give or take a few minutes)


Science Fiction as a genre comes in multiple flavours; there is the impossible science fantasy of Star Wars, the similarly impossible but seemingly plausible Star Trek or the more hard-sci-fi of The Expanse. The reason why I start a review of a film dealing with Life from Mars attacking people on the International Space Station... Continue Reading →

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