On Demand (02/05/2017)

Recorded at Somer Valley FM listen live on 97.5 FM or on their website http://www.somervalleyfm.co.uk where you can listen to me review movies every day either at 15:40 or 16:40 (give or take a few minutes)

Star Trek Beyond

It is hard to imagine a television show with the same cultural cache as Gene Rodenberry’s influential science fiction epic, Star Trek. With an amazing wash of galaxies and worlds to explore, the television show has had 5 different crews over the last 50 years. It has a loyal, some would say fanatical fan base,... Continue Reading →

12 Angry Men

Film when it was first conceived, much of the work produced had a theatrical quality. The Camera was fixed to one position, the actors acted at the camera, mugging and waving arms in what would be considered to be ludicrous by today’s standard of movie making. This was be expected however, whether down to technology... Continue Reading →

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