The Snowman Film Review

Everyone likes a good detective story. It's full of suspense, interesting complex characters, mystery and grizzly murder to sweeten the detail. No other area of the globe crafts more gritty and disturbing crime dramas than that of the Scandinavians. Whether it is because of the long winter nights or the vast expanses of snow-covered tundra,... Continue Reading →

Alien Covenant

Ridley Scott's Alien was perhaps the first great sci-fi horror film; a haunting and existential thrill-ride through the depths of space with a biological killing machine. It left us all wondering where the iconic H.R. Geiger designed creatures came from? I know I was, in a rhetorical way. In 2012 we got a sort of... Continue Reading →

Macbeth (2015)

Adaptation can be hard. For the people making the adaptation it means transposing something from one medium and fitting it into another, and with each medium something is either added or subtracted. Theatre, especially Shakespeare, has been a go to source for a number of film adaptations. Shakespeare’s, language, themes and stories have echoed down... Continue Reading →

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