King Arthur – Legend of the Sword

  King Arthur is one of the most iconic parts of Britsh culture. Stories about him, Merlin, The Knights of the Round Table as well as Mordred and Morgan Le Fey have been told countless times by countless people. Their tales of a more mystical time have been preserved and passed down to us today.... Continue Reading →

Alien Covenant

Ridley Scott's Alien was perhaps the first great sci-fi horror film; a haunting and existential thrill-ride through the depths of space with a biological killing machine. It left us all wondering where the iconic H.R. Geiger designed creatures came from? I know I was, in a rhetorical way. In 2012 we got a sort of... Continue Reading →

La La Land

2016 was a year of terrible, depressing drudgery. 2017 is looking to be even worse with the hangover from the decisions we made last year. But to keep us going movies can be a means to explore the problems within society in a safer way or to provide distraction and escape to other worlds, happier... Continue Reading →

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