Free Fire: Somer Valley FM Review

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Free Fire

Ben Wheatley was a director that people thought they knew. His films have been an incredibly British decent into madness; the bizarre end to the Kill List and the terrifyingly strange A Field in England are testament to this. However what is perhaps overlooked is Wheatley's sense of humour, which is incredibly biting and absurd,... Continue Reading →

Kong: Skull Island

King Kong as a series is over 80 years old, with 7 films made, and more to come in the future. A literal cinematic giant, one wonders how filmmakers have managed to keep the original story of Kong fresh for new audiences. Well in the case of Kong: Skull Island directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts answers... Continue Reading →


There are some subjects that are hard to explore or have proven hard to explore in film. When they have been explored the films are either overly sentimental or brutally real to the point of exploitative. With the premise that the film has, which side, if any, will Room written by Emma Donoghue and directed... Continue Reading →

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