The Limehouse Golem Review

I am not sure that it is entirely healthy or right that this is the case, but as a society, we have an odd fascination with serial killers. Maybe it is a morbid curiosity but a good murder is headline news, and TV shows or movies about murder are almost always instant successes. Many killers... Continue Reading →

Wonder Woman

  So Wonder Woman is a big deal. As a character, she represents so much; one of DC's big three, she was created as the most important female superhero in the medium of comics. She is also a highly feminist character, steeped in Americana and classical culture. As such this 2017 film is also a... Continue Reading →

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

Its important for kids to read. When I was growing up there were countless books series to capture our imagination; His Dark Materials, The Windsinger, Redwall and of course Harry Potter to name but a few. Movie studios similarly like popular books, because a pre-existing property means a pre-existing market. Enter Diary of a Wimpy... Continue Reading →

A Dogs Purpose

Pets! They are cute. They keep us company. And for most people, they are the means by which we come to the crushing realisation that we are mortal and will one day die. In film they are similarly important; we route for them to survive through alien attacks or natural disaster and if they are... Continue Reading →

Hidden Figures

Last year's Oscars were accused of being an underrepresentation of minority actors and films. This accusation did have validity, 2016 was the whitest of white of a very white male award season, so it is refreshing to see there are more films with minority groups involved receiving the recognition they deserve. One such film cleverly... Continue Reading →

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