Cars 3 Film Review

People interested in or with a passion for film often get asked what their favourite film is. I hate this question, as anyone who cares about movies should, it boils an entire medium of different perspectives, genres, voices and styles into one homogeneous mess. I do however have a default answer to that question, and... Continue Reading →

Free Fire: Somer Valley FM Review

Recorded at Somer Valley FM listen live on 97.5 FM or on their website where you can listen to me review movies every day either at 15:40 or 16:40 (give or take a few minutes)

Free Fire

Ben Wheatley was a director that people thought they knew. His films have been an incredibly British decent into madness; the bizarre end to the Kill List and the terrifyingly strange A Field in England are testament to this. However what is perhaps overlooked is Wheatley's sense of humour, which is incredibly biting and absurd,... Continue Reading →

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