Fantastic Planet

Animation is a broad term. Literally the word animation comes from the Latin anima meaning living being, thus animation can be seen and has been seen as a way to give life to the lifeless. There are many different techniques to animate for film, using many different tools and technology; drawing, using clay models or... Continue Reading →

12 Angry Men

Film when it was first conceived, much of the work produced had a theatrical quality. The Camera was fixed to one position, the actors acted at the camera, mugging and waving arms in what would be considered to be ludicrous by today’s standard of movie making. This was be expected however, whether down to technology... Continue Reading →


I have been writing essays for the past month so I haven’t really had the time to write reviews or go to the cinema. While this may sound like I am making excuses for lack of regular uploads, which is something that I have never done (both excuses and regular content), this is important as... Continue Reading →

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