Japanese Horror is perhaps the most unique and talked about strand of horror, as it caters to both pretentious art house snobs such as myself and the hardcore horror fans. J-Horror has some of the creepiest and most disturbing imagery you will ever see, think the sound that Asami makes when she shoves needles into... Continue Reading →

The Handmaiden

So I don't know a lot about Korean Cinema. I have seen some of it, but I could probably count them on my fingers. One of the Korean filmmaker who crops up more than others and that is Park Chan-Wook, perhaps the most prominent Korean filmmaker, who brought Korean cinema to the global stage through... Continue Reading →

The Pass

Sport, I never really got into it, partially because I was never good at any of the games, and mostly because of the attitude of the others involved. Going to university and hearing about all the strange initiation rituals that usually involve a disgusting amount of alcohol or questionable sexual acts, there is an element... Continue Reading →

Alone in Berlin

World War Two is a popular setting for films. However, most of the ones we see are from the point of view of the Allies; the Germans are there to be easy villains the audience doesn’t mind getting killed by the cavalier (usually) American hero. However like with most conflict there are always two sides... Continue Reading →

The Red Turtle

Everybody remembers when Studio Ghibli announced in 2014 that they would be taking a break from producing films. Fans of the Japanese animation studio felt a profound sense of loss as one of the biggest and well-respected studios shut its doors. But thankfully, Ghibli seem to be still working, though in a different capacity. Their... Continue Reading →

Harmonium (Fuchi ni Tatsu)

Japan, what can be said about the land of the rising sun that hasn’t already been said; it’s modern, ancient, weird, beautiful, eccentric and eclectic. It is a land of contradiction and dichotomy, and these doubles are evident in the cinema. They have some of the most beautiful films ever made, but also some of... Continue Reading →


Documentaries, or at least feature length ones perhaps, have never received the full consideration that they should. It is a shame as each year filmmakers produce great documentary films like Black Fish, Searching for Sugar Man and The Imposter. There are also big names in documentary filmmaking, auteurs in the truest sense such as Louis... Continue Reading →

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