Japanese Horror is perhaps the most unique and talked about strand of horror, as it caters to both pretentious art house snobs such as myself and the hardcore horror fans. J-Horror has some of the creepiest and most disturbing imagery you will ever see, think the sound that Asami makes when she shoves needles into... Continue Reading →

The Handmaiden

So I don't know a lot about Korean Cinema. I have seen some of it, but I could probably count them on my fingers. One of the Korean filmmaker who crops up more than others and that is Park Chan-Wook, perhaps the most prominent Korean filmmaker, who brought Korean cinema to the global stage through... Continue Reading →


Synopsis In typical Bollywood fashion Dabangg, directed by Abhinav Kashyap and staring Salman Khan, covers a variety of different plots; including romance, crime, revenge and comedy. However the main plot revolves around a police officer Chulbul Pandey (Khan) and his family including his step brother Makhanchan (Makkhi). Chulbul makes an enemy of a corrupt politician... Continue Reading →

In The Mood For Love

Synopsis In the Mood for Love directed by Wong Kar-wai revolves around Chow Mo-Wan (played by Tony Leung) and Su Li-zhen (played by Maggie Cheung), two people who move into separate apartments in the same building on the same day with their respective partners. However both Chow and Su begin to suspect that their spouses... Continue Reading →

Farewell, My Concubine

Synopsis Farewell, My Concubine follows the lives of two Beijing Opera Actors, Cheng Dieyi and Duan Xialou, who perform the leads in an Opera of the same name. Starting with the two as children being trained in the 1920s through the Japanese invasion during World War Two, finally the rise of communism in China and... Continue Reading →

Hard Boiled

Synopsis Hard Boiled directed by John Woo is a Hong Kong crime action film revolving around Tequila Yuen (Played by Chow Yun-fat) and Undercover cop Alan (Tony Leung Chiu-wai). After a series of misunderstandings and near misses, when Tequila is unaware of Alans undercover status. The pair are tasked with taking down a criminal gang... Continue Reading →

Pather Panchali

Synopsis Based on a Bengali novel of the same name, Pather Panchali follows Durga, a mischievous girl living in a poor part of Bengal. Her father, Harihar, dreams of a better life as a writer and her mother, Sarbajaya, struggles to take care the family that also includes Durga’s younger brother Apu and elderly cousin... Continue Reading →


Synopsis Rashomon starts with three people who taking shelter from a rain storm under the Rashomon gate. While they wait out the weather two of the three, a priest and a wood cutter, tell the third about a trial they were involved in. A Bandit was accused of raping a woman and murdering her husband.... Continue Reading →

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