Where have I been?!

For the one or two of you who have been following this blog and its subpar trickle of film reviews over the last year and a half, you may be wondering why the well dried up.

Well, there is a reason for that, I have been sucked back into the warm safe corner of the world known as academia. I am currently studying at the University of East Anglia for a PhD in Film. Specifically looking at special effects in cinema.

Due to this new development, I have no longer got the time to maintain the blog in the way that I used to do, as all my mental energy is being diverted into thinking, eating, drinking, sleeping and reading Special Effects. I may come back to the blog at some point over the next three years if I have the time and energy to do so, but as of right now I am not sure that is going to be possible.

So thank you to those of you who read my reviews and please keep an eye to the internet because maybe I will start to spam your feeds with my petty ramblings again.


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