The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

Studio Ghibli has been making films for just over 30 years, as of writing. However the studio is only really known for one name in particular, that of co-founder Hayao Miyazaki, and for good reason; Miyazaki has directed some of the best animated, nay some of best films of all time. While Miyazaki is a... Continue Reading →

It’s Such a Beautiful Day

There is a certain level of difficulty when it comes to animation. How do you get drawings, models or even household objects to tell a convincing story, move in a realistic way and behave as people would? However perhaps the most challenging thing for an animator to do is get these inanimate 2d figures, lumps... Continue Reading →

Fantastic Planet

Animation is a broad term. Literally the word animation comes from the Latin anima meaning living being, thus animation can be seen and has been seen as a way to give life to the lifeless. There are many different techniques to animate for film, using many different tools and technology; drawing, using clay models or... Continue Reading →


Remakes and reboots of old franchises are always tricky. There is an established market that executives can exploit for easy money, but the creative team behind a bad product always get the blame. There is definitely a challenge when rebooting Ghostbusters, a classic 1980s comedy, starring, and written by towering talent Dan Akroyd, Harold Ramis... Continue Reading →

Hell and Back

I have a particular soft spot for stop motion animation. I grew up on Wallace and Gromit and other Aardman projects, fell in love with A Nightmare Before Christmas and other Laika projects. Now I am older I also appreciate and enjoy the more surrealist animation of Jans Svankmeyer  I even had dreams of becoming... Continue Reading →

12 Angry Men

Film when it was first conceived, much of the work produced had a theatrical quality. The Camera was fixed to one position, the actors acted at the camera, mugging and waving arms in what would be considered to be ludicrous by today’s standard of movie making. This was be expected however, whether down to technology... Continue Reading →

High Rise

This is going to be a hard thing to write about. So I will start with a short story about how myself and a friend went to see the new Ben Wheatley film High Rise. I had previously seen Ben Wheatley Films before, namely Kill List and Sightseers so I was well aware of the... Continue Reading →

‘Spirited Away’ by Spirited Away

When I was younger, I would have said that there was no difference between watching a DVD and going to the cinema. You would have still watched a film at the end, so why bother. I got a little older and I realised that nothing compares to watching the year’s blockbusters on a big screen.... Continue Reading →

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