Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Zach Snyder’s Batman Versus Superman Dawn of Justice is perhaps the most anticipated film of 2016. It marks DC’s first proper fore into the Cinematic Universe structure that Marvel has used to dominate the box office for the last few years. Can DC wrestle that dominance away with their two most popular characters? The short... Continue Reading →

Midnight Special

Midnight Special is the new outing from writer director Jeff Nichols, whose previous work includes 2011’s Take Shelter. It follows Roy (played by Michael Shannon) and his son Alton Meyer (Jaeden Liberher), who has strange and unexplained powers, on the lamb from the law and a strange religious sect trying to reach the Florida coast... Continue Reading →

Hateful 8

Quentin Tarantino has a reputation. We all know what it is. We all know that he likes hyper-violent homages to grindhouse, exploitation and Kung Fu films. Hateful 8 billed as Tarantino’s 8th film also has a reputation, first for being cancelled after a script leak then for being placed into production after Tarantino directed a... Continue Reading →

Pather Panchali

Synopsis Based on a Bengali novel of the same name, Pather Panchali follows Durga, a mischievous girl living in a poor part of Bengal. Her father, Harihar, dreams of a better life as a writer and her mother, Sarbajaya, struggles to take care the family that also includes Durga’s younger brother Apu and elderly cousin... Continue Reading →


To my knowledge the dominant figures in American Comedy for the last 40 years have been members of the show Saturday Night Live (or SNL); Dan Akryod, Bill Murray to Will Ferrell Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader have all been a part of a seminal live sketch show, as have the two women who will... Continue Reading →


Synopsis Rashomon starts with three people who taking shelter from a rain storm under the Rashomon gate. While they wait out the weather two of the three, a priest and a wood cutter, tell the third about a trial they were involved in. A Bandit was accused of raping a woman and murdering her husband.... Continue Reading →

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