There are some subjects that are hard to explore or have proven hard to explore in film. When they have been explored the films are either overly sentimental or brutally real to the point of exploitative. With the premise that the film has, which side, if any, will Room written by Emma Donoghue and directed... Continue Reading →

Bridge of Spies

Movies, as snooty academics and biased critics like myself can attest, are collaborative. No one person controls the creative direction of an entire film. “But what about the director?” I hear you tap in the comment section. Imagine you are a director of a film, how much work would you have if you had to... Continue Reading →

The Revenant

Leonardo DiCaprio I think we can safely say has been trying to win an Oscar for ever. He has worked with Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan and other big names in the film business and the award winning business. However despite solid roles in films like Shutter Island, The Wolf of Wall Street and Revolutionary Road,... Continue Reading →

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This review will be in two parts, the spoiler free review will come first and the spoilery section will come after, so if you want to know what I thought of it and you haven’t seen it yet then be not afraid for I will not spoil what is perhaps the most anticipated film of... Continue Reading →

What is This?!

Hello and welcome, First of all I would like to thank you for taking the time to stop by on your journey through the immense reaches of the internet. Please stop, put your feet up, won’t you stay a while? My Name is Benjamin Pinsent, but if you would like you can call me Bungy.... Continue Reading →

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