The Lobster

There are some films that are incredibly hard to talk about. If the main stars have trouble with explaining the film, then what hope does a random person who saw the film once and is shouting their opinion over the internet have? There is a lot going on in Yorgos Lanthimos’ newest release, and his... Continue Reading →

Macbeth (2015)

Adaptation can be hard. For the people making the adaptation it means transposing something from one medium and fitting it into another, and with each medium something is either added or subtracted. Theatre, especially Shakespeare, has been a go to source for a number of film adaptations. Shakespeare’s, language, themes and stories have echoed down... Continue Reading →

Violence in Film

Film, due to its nature as a visual medium is obsessed with the notion of spectacle. Many modern blockbusters thrill audiences with giant CG creations, massive explosions, shootouts and violent fist fights. However, as cool as these things look is there something far more problematic underneath the surface of how violence is presented in the... Continue Reading →

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